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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Clover Balloons

Hello Jammers!
I am so sorry for all these late posts, to pay up for it I made an update on the blog! Moving on, the new item that has flew in the stores of Jamaa is the Clover Balloons! A brand new item, YAY!
Quite a neat item, these have a little levitation action! ^.^ These are huge, I love them! This cool item is located in Jam Mart Furniture and costs 300 gems so be sure to grab a few by the string before they leave the shelves (or the ceiling) of Jam Mart Furniture! On the other news, Jammer Snaps are in and AJHQ has announced the winners on the DE, as an extra, they also included the new News Crew assignment in it!
These are neat! I hope they let us break the bridge and ice anytime this year, cause that would be neat! Congratulations to all the winners! The new News Crew assignment is Eagles so be sure to enter all the facts you know about eagles, to find out more about eagles, click here! Good luck! On the other news I have added a little update to the blog! Now both Bloggers (with no picture) and Anonymous commenters can now be in AJ style!
Now, Anonymous users and bloggers with no profile picture will have this AJ themed locked tiger picture! This was pretty easy to do! I will post a post on how to do that later ^.^ Next, while traveling Jamaa I noticed this clothing glitch with Seals!
When you wear a scarf (any color) on seal it disappears! I hope AJHQ fixes this :3 And lastly, more insults/mean people in Jamaa!
I was in Coral Canyons, server Aldan and an arctic wolf shew up and started argue with everyone and the chat bubble above made me really sad. How can someone not know someone in real and say that? All people have their own level of prettiness! Some are prettier on the outside and some are in the inside, that's logic! So I don't think Jammers should say that. What did you think of today's item, did you liked or disliked it? What about the Jammer Snaps, did you like the Snaps Jammers sent it? Has this glitch happened to you? What about the mean chat bubble, has this happened to you? Did you see it happen to other Jammers? Did you help them? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^

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