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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Clover Balloon, Pleasant Big News and Greely being REPLACED?

Hello Jammers!
Today I have some bad and good news, but first today's new LUCKY item! The Clover Balloon, quite a festive item, eh? ^.^
These are amazing items, but it seems as they are different! I don't know what is, but it looks darker. Anywho, these awesome balloons are for sale in Jam Mart Clothing and cost ONLY 200 gems! (not that expensive!) So be sure to grab a few before they fly away! In other news, an article about Greely, the wolf Alpha in the Daily Explorer from the AJHQ!
This is horrible! Are they really gonna replace Greely with an another Alpha? That would be horrible! Greely has been here since the first days, I hope they won't replace him! Now moving on to the glitches!
This one happened when I was playing Sssssssnake, it just shew these random numbers!
Same happened with Ducky Dash!
This happened when I was trying to change my dash, it just lagged up so much and most of the badges disappeared. Now trough all those glitches, you may realized that the big news are... I have now became a member! Yay! ^.^
 I have become a member JUST today. This is my new main animal, a silly little raccoon ^.^ Now, my promise is, I will help all non-members get the different colored items and not turn cruel or a scammer/hacker. If you need any items that are different colored just leave a comment and you shall get it. Yet, I am a bit broke now so it might take a while ^.^ What other items would you like to come out/come back? Do you like the idea of Greely being REPLACED? What about the glitches, have they ever happened to you? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming! ^.^

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