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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Aquamarine Birthstone

Hello Jammers!
After the long search for the new item, I finally found it! The Aquamarine Birthstone! ^.^
These are the birthstones of the Month March and they are located at Epic Wonders Furniture orb and cost 1500 gems so be sure to get it until it disapears from the shelves of AJ stores ^.^ Over at the DE we have a fun article from the AJHQ about eagle facts!
 These are quite neat! Be sure to check this out ^.^ While traveling in the lands of Jamaa I got this Jam-a-gram from the AJHQ about membership and it's benefits!
This is really neat, I really like the new template ^.^ Sadly, I cannot become a member because there's no walmart or target around :c Anywho, while soarting trough the free downloads I spotted this strange thing!
Is that a lioness AND a lion cub? What does this mean? Lioness are coming to Jamaa with the Lion cub pets? This is awesome! Though we never know! What would you like to see next to come out in the stores of Jamaa? Would you like to be a returning or a brand new item? Feel free to comment and Happy Jamming ^.^


  1. Those coloring pages have been around for a long time. They hardly mean anything, haha.

  2. It could mean something. We had an eagle statue for a long time and we got an eagle.

    1. Eagle statue? Where? Haven't really noticed one o.o oh and you just gave me an idea on what my next post will include thank you ^.^

    2. In that shop in Temple of Zois... What is it called?

    3. That's not an eagle statue. That's the statue of the Shaman Marco. He's a penguin.

    4. Yeah..
      I wish they made eagles for gems so that they could have an Alpha. >:(
      AJHQ should make an alpha for every diamond animal..


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