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Friday, 28 March 2014

April Fools or April Foods?

Hello Jammers!
Once again I am so sorry about the late post >.< Anywho, the returning April Fools party crashed!
Judging by the cover, this is one YZARC party, don't ye think? ^.^ Inside, it is basically a normal castle den just with a little twist! It's UPSIDE DOWN, so neat, AJHQ! ^.^ And over at that party we have 2 awesome stores 1 for furniture other 1 for clothing!
This is the furniture store, everything here is Upsidedown as well! I really like the prices of these items ^.^ They are both reasonable and silly :3
While over at the clothing store we have a bunch of BRAND new clothing items! Some of them seem cheesy and yummy the other ones aren't normal as well! In this store you can find loads of cool clothing items! Yet, no silly prices ^.^ While over at the DE we have an article about Sharks from AJHQ!
This article includes loads of cool facts abotu sharks and a video for Dr. Tierney Thys! Be sure to watch the video and read the text below! What other WACKY items would you like to come out, return to the store of Jamaa? Would you like them to be clothing or den items? What abotu todays article, did it teach you anything new? Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^


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