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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

AJHQ has broken Maintenance records!

Hello Jammers!
It seems that AJHQ ahs broken the Maintenance lenght record! This maintenance has gone for 6h and 45 mins! That is incredible! Actually a bit annoying... ^.^ I hope it opens up soon, because in 15 minutes AJHQ will reach 7 HOURS of Maintenance! II wonder if something BIG will happen! Because the last time a Maintenance this long crashed in (3h 30 mins) Horses, 3 new ocean lands came out! What do you think will happen? Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jamming!


  1. I know right! Its 7:07 PM here. And i've been waiting forever. Hopefully the phantoms haven't came back to AJ. I'm really annoyed. Please add me when it clears up.
    ~ bunnyto

  2. Omg, i know right? its really starting to annoy me. I wish they would just get this thing done so we can play.
    - Chestersen


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