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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Underwater Heart Wings

Hello Jammers!
Today we have 3 new amazing items in the stores of Jamaa! The Heart headband, Underwater Head rug and  The Cupid's wings! ^.^
This is a returning classic from last year's Friendship Festival! These come in all sorts of festive colors ^.^ They are located at Jam Mart Clothing and cost only 300 gems! ^.^
This is as well a retuning classic! These come in a lot of cool colors ^.^ They are located at Sunken' Treasures and cost only 350 gems ^.^
These are a BRAND new item and come in a lot of beautiful colors ^.^ They are located at Jam Mart Clothing and cost only 450 gems! ^.^ Be sure to grab a pair or two of these awesome items! Over at the Daily Explorer, we have a cool post about the Jamaa-lympics from the AJHQ! ^.^
What a neat post ^.^ Wouldn't it be great if there were actual Jamaa-lympics in Jamaa? ^.^ Also, while on my travels in Jamaa I spotted 2 funny ghost glitches!
This Jammer seems to be invisible ^.^ It took some time for him to appear ^.^
Also a little ghost who really likes ice-cream ^.^ This happens quite often!
What would you like to see next in the stores of Jamaa? Would you like them to come in bundles like today? Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^


  1. First! :3 Love your blog! It's really pawsome! :D

  2. first time on blog o3o i got the link from snowy's blog... lol


  3. Nice blog! It's getting put on my book marked list :) I like the wings I think they look better on animals then they do in the shop.

    1. Indeed I mostly love the shades at the bottom ^.^


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