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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Rare Steampunk Monocle

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a brand new rare in the stores of Jamaa! The Rare Steampunk Monocle!
What a neat color combination! I mostly like the purple eye thing! These are located at Jam Mart Clothing, page 8, so be sure to grab a pair, these are quite a bit pricey, 950 gems, so be sure that much when you go off to buy one! Over at the Daily Explorer we have another AJ tip post from the AJHQ!
This tip is for the Birds-of-Paradise Journey book! Be sure to read it! ^.^ While exploring the Adventure Base Camp, I noticed this strange sign
All it shows is an eagle's head and 3 arrows! Maybe a hidden island? That would be neat! And as well, while adventuring I spotted this strange glitch!
The white nametag got crazy! It just showed us random numbers and signs! How interesting :3 What would you like to see next in Jamaa? Did the AJ tip help you? Did you notice that sign? Has that glitch ever happened to you? Be sure to comment, Happy Jamming! ^.^


  1. the goggles r ok.....................


  2. That glitch happened to me yesterday!

  3. Awesome blog! BTW yup the item is pricey but worth it!!

  4. They are a little pricey, not bad anyway.

  5. Isn't that me and Animals? I have the same name tag as the number one, and Animals has the green one..
    Also, I got suspended for NO REASON AT ALL, so I'm using my storage, LoveAnimalsAndEarth, until I'm un-suspended.

    1. Oh! Pink, if you like, since your suspended and all, which i feel so sorry for you, and I hope it goes away soon, I wouldn't mind getting you the monocole, saying it's here only for today, that is unless someone's already gotten you one. Well, I will anyway. Happy jamming!


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