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Monday, 10 February 2014

Rare Friendship Bracelet

Hello Jammers!
Today we have an awesome rare in store for us! The Rare Friendship Bracelet! :D
What a neat item! These are located at Jam Mart Clothing, 13th page and cost 850 gems (quite pricey) So be sure to grab a pair for you and your best buddy ^.^ Over at the Daily Explorer, we have 2 fun articles from the AJHQ!
The first one was released yesterday (sorry I missed it, clumsy me :3) It has a gif in it! How neat ^.^
And today's gift is about the Rare! It also includes a gif as well! Thank you for reminding us AJHQ! 
And to finish this short post, when I log on today, this happened!
Ooh, I wonder what's inside :D
WOAH! Thank you AJHQ! :D I'll surely keep and save it for something special :3
What do you think about today's rare? How about the post; is it interesting? Has this ever happened to you? Be sure to rate and comment! Happy Jamming ^.^


  1. Yes, the gist thing happened to me once. It was maybe last year, and I got a legendary glove. Don't know why.

  2. p.s. plz visit my blog:

    ~jzale314 the new blogger and u-tuber :D

    1. What a neat blog you have :3 Already commented ^.^

  3. oh how do u write that thing above me the: Remember to not use bad words or bully on this blog. Respect others' opinions and leave one of your own. Happy Jamming! ^.^ thing.. i want to use it for my blog.

    1. Well first log in, then go to settings and click Posts & comments then go to the bottom and there will be a text thing and you can write whatever you want :3

  4. I think you might've sort of used Snowyclaw's style? Same meaning, same layout... I dunno. Sorry if I'm mistaken, this blog is still pretty cool.

  5. I did a bit but not everything, I try to make my blog as unique as it can be, not many Jammers spot that :3 and thank you for your nice comment :3


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