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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Princess Throne

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a returning classic from last year's Friendship Festival Party! The Princess Throne!
This is a really neat item, don't ye think? I mostly like the vines and roses wrapper around it ^.^ This item is located in Jam Mart Furniture and costs only 400 gems, so be sure to get a pair! ^.^ Next, over at the Daily Explorer, we have a fun little article from Brady Barr. about the Arabian Camels ^.^
Be sure to watch this knowledge-full video, maybe you will learn something new? ^.^ Also, I spotted a funny little glitch while traveling in Jamaa
How did that wolf get up there? Actually, once this happened to me too ^.^ Also, there is a funny little thing with the penguins when they hop
When contacting the ground, their bellies PUFF up! I like this neat detail ^.^ Note: When hopping with Jamaaliday sweaters, at this point, it looks like it's a little dress ^.^ 
What classic would you like to see next to return to the stores of Jamaa? Would you like it to have new colors? Be sure to comment! Happy Jamming ^.^
PS: Maybe you haven't noticed, I added a mini playlist that I got from WikiPlayer, if it will bug you, you can always just click the Stop button ^.^


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