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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Parka and Beta Testing

Hello Jammers!
Today we have quite an awesome and BRAND new item in the stores of Jamaa! The Parka!
These are really EPIC! Still haven't seen an animal with this on them :3 Over at the Daily Explorer we have 2 awesome articles from the AJHQ!
This article is about the Praying Mantis, be sure to watch this video, it has a lot of knowledge in it! And yikes, quite a few typos! ^.^ AJHQ must be really busy with the Eagles! 
This article is about Jammer Art on the Ocean Animals! They are really epic, be sure to check them out. And it includes the Angler Bunny as well! To finish off this short post, I was thinking of making a community of some kind, I already put up a den for it! So I thought maybe start Beta Testing to get thoughts and opinions from Jammers. Be sure to check it out, the Beta Testing will end on February 28th! And while the testing is on, why not come up with a name for it? What other items would you like to see next? Would you like them to return or be a BRAND new item? Will you join the Beta Testing? Be sure to comment, Happy Jamming!


So, you're about to comment, eh? Go ahead! Just be sure to follow these rules:
1. Don't use bad language!
2. Do NOT bully others!
3. Respects others' opinions and have one of your own!
4. Think before you publish, be sure there's nothing that can hurt anyone (talk)
5. Don't spam!
I think that's all! If your comment follows all these rules, then go ahead and publish it! Jam On!