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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Jamaa Journal

Hello Jammers!
Today we have quite an exciting update! Let's start with the newspaper ^.^
This is awesome! Now both nms and members can buy the Sunken Ship Den! ^.^ 
As an extra, they made the Small Den for all Jammers as well ^.^ One page, already pawesome!
On the next page, we have the announcements about the non-member underwater den items as an extra for the new non-member den ^.^ At the Right side, we have a new segment to the ''My Settings''! 

The Welcome to Jamaa is now updated ^.^ So from now on, once a Jammer registers, they will appear in a ship called Blue Heron (named after Mira) ! How neat ^.^ And the ship isn't all high tech as well! ^.^
It is being sailed by Liza! How neat ^.^
All aboard indeed ^.^
 Pretty neat! Instead of using landfilling engines ^.^ From the looks of it, it is made out of giant jade-like-colored shells and some wooden planks ^.^ Also, there is a little shop on the left, where you can buy all of the non-member items from Jam Mart Clothing such as necklaces, dragon masks, ties and other ^.^
The next page tells us about the upcoming new items for the Friendship Festival, those wings look promising ^.^ Also, the AJHQ has put Friendship Tables around Jamaa and made a new code for a gem bonus
You can find this one in the Kimbara Outback ^.^
This one is located at the Lost Temple of Zios ^.^
And this one is located at Mt. Shiveer ^.^ Be sure to check them out, and the code for the Gem Bonus is Friendship, be sure to use it ^.^
On the second page, we have a reminder about the Safer Internet Day and about the Safety Quiz! Be sure to take it ^.^ At the right side, WE HAVE A NEW ANIMAL COMING ^.^ Eagles are soon gonna fly trough the SKIES of Jamaa! As you can see SKIES are capatilized which means.... SKY LANDS are coming to Jamaa as well ^.^ This is so awesome ^.^
And on the last page, a fun little reminder about the Animal Jam Academy ^.^ Be sure to visit it ^.^ 
Also, with the update we have a new calender! ^.^
We also have 2 new items ^.^
The Rose Garland, what a neat item ^.^ It is located at Jam Mart Furniture and cost only 250 gems ^.^
Also, we have a returning classic from last year ^.^ The Heart balloon ^.^ These are located in Jam Mart Clothing and cost only 250 gems ^.^ Over at the Daily Explorer, we have a cool post about the Sunken Ship Den being for all Jammers from the AJHQ ^.^
Also Jammers got a message from the AJHQ ^.^
Thank you AJHQ for reminding us ^.^
Also we have a new 2x gems game, Long Shot ^.^ Play this game and earn 2x gems ^.^
What would you like to see next in Jamaa? Would you like it to be something unexpected? Be sure to comment! Happy Jamming ^.^


  1. I like your blog! My cursor is all sparkly. That is so cool.

  2. Oh, I hadn't realized that they made the Small Den available for non-members as well! That's so cool! :D


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