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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Heart Glasses and sprites

Hello Jammers!
Today we have another returning classic from last year! The Heart Glasses!
These come in all sorts of festive colors! ^.^ They are located at Jam Mart Clothing and cost only150 gems ^.^ Over at the Daily explorer we have a fun article about the hidden treasures in the adventures from the AJHQ ^.^
How informative ^.^ There are actually over 5 hidden treasures in the Meet Cosmo adventure ^.^ To finish this short post, on my free time I have made some Animal Jam Sprites ^.^ To find out what sprites are Click Here!
A wolf sprite
A turtle sprite
A tiger sprite
A seal on land sprite
 a seal underwater sprite
A penguin underwater sprite
A penguin on land sprite
A penguin sprite
A panda sprite
A lion sprite
A koala sprite
A horse sprite
A giraffe sprite
A cheetah sprite
A bunny sprite
And last, but never least An arctic wolf sprite ^.^
What would you like to see next in the stores of Jamaa? Would you like it to be a returning or a brand new item? What do you think of the sprites? Where should I use them; postcards, greetings cards? Be sure to comment, Happy Jamming! ^.^
PS: Feel free to use them on your blog or anywhere else! Just don't forget to give me some credit ^.^


  1. Replies
    1. yeah.. sorry, I just really miss it on AJ :3

  2. Umm your blog is really good but these faces ^.^ are getting really annoying. You don't have to do them literally after everything you say. Even just one of those faces in a whole post is enough.

    1. yeah sorry I will stop XD just that I got a little obsessed with 'em :3

    2. I didn't even realize Furry used it so many times O.o

  3. here are some other pawesome emotes: :3 x3 XD =.= l:c :C C: O.O :P xp u.u v.v >:{D >:D >:) >:3 *.* @.@ O.-

    ~jzale314 the emote master l:c

  4. ER MA GERSH!! ppl look at furrys den its pretty epic!

    ~jzale314 :O

    1. Thank you :3
      PS I'm gonna update this post cause so many people complained about the ^.^ fever XD

  5. 2 things!
    1 im a folower :D
    2 please visit my new and pretty bad blog: and comment advice...


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