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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Heart Chocolates and Art Requests

Hello Jammers!
Today we have another returning classic in the stores of Jamaa! The Heart Chocolates
 I really like this item! So festive! It also has a little action, when you click on it the box opens and there are a bunch of little chocolates in it :3 It is located at Jam Mart Furniture and costs 250 gems so be sure to grab a few before they leave the shelves! Over at the Daily Explorer we have a post from the AJHQ about Online Safety!
This video contains a lot of information about how to be safe online, so don't forget to watch it! On the other news, on my free time I made this raccoon drawing that actually has my tiger's colors and items :3
It was a bit complicated but I did it (in 2 days). I am always happy to get requests. To make things interesting I will make animal drawings each week! Be sure to comment your user, what animal you want your main animal to be turned in and what items you want it to have also what color. I am looking forward to it! What items would you like to see next return or appear in Jamaa? Would you like them to have a lot of colors? If not, why? Be sure to comment, Happy Jamming!
PS: You know the saying, first come first served! I'll try to make all the requests come true, but it might take some time! Don't get mad


  1. That's a really nice drawing. Could you draw my main animal? It's a penguin, and the items I want it to be wearing are an old hood, black pirate sword, white glove, white moon necklace, and you can see the pattern and colors of my animal if you search up RonenTheGamer.

    1. Coming right up, will be posted on Sunday :3

  2. Whoa, amazing art! That's adorable! /)^w^(\

  3. Great drawing

    Please could you use your AMAZING drawing skills to draw me my fox, the name if it is rosy posh violet and it is wearing a solid blue top hat


    1. Sure! I'd be happy to! I will start working on it tomorrow will post it somewhere around next week :)


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