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Thursday, 20 February 2014


Hello Jammers!
Today we have an AMAZING update from the AJHQ! Let's start off with the newspaper!
This update's main focus is the new arrived animal, Eagle! Sadly, these animals are diamond animals, but they are quite majestic and TOTALLY EPIC! Here's the view from the Diamond shop
These look AWESOME! Sadly they are for members and cost 10 diamonds. And may I say, they are quite of an adorable sleepers!
They sleep on a swirly cloud, how adorable :D And as they are flying animals they can as well fly on walls! How neat! ^.^
On the second page we find 2 new things! Now tiger pets are in the diamond shop! 
They cost 3 diamonds, so be sure to get one when you have enough :D 
On this page we have news about the new game ''Swoopy Eagle'' and the new Chat system! The Swoopy Eagle game is JUST like Flappy Bird! Just with eagles and all ^.^
And as in Flappy bird, there are obstacles and they are quite challenging! Be sure to play it and take on a challenge! When you lose, your record actually gets times 5 times!
So this is pretty easy to get a lot of gems from!
On the next page we have news about how to get diamonds and reminders that all memberships come with a bonus of diamonds! With this each Jammer got this Jam-a-gram from the AJHQ!
Thank you AJHQ for telling us! Wouldn't it be neat if we could get diamonds from the adventures?
We also have a new exhibit at the Appondale's Conservation Museum on ''Taking Flight'' Be sure to check it out! On the right side we have news about some new items in the diamond shop and new LUCKY items!
The Hot Cocoa Machine is now in the Diamond shop which you can purchase for 4 diamonds!
Dragon gloves have as well came back to the Diamond shop! You can purchase them for 3 diamonds, quite expensive!
As well we have the Past's Monthly Member Gifts, The Snow and Rain cloud! And they come with a VERY special surprise, they are now NON-MEMBER! Thank you AJHQ so much!
We also have the arcade game ''Swoopy Eagle'' in the diamond store. It is as well non-member and costs 2 diamonds! Be sure to get one! There are also new LUCKY JAGs in store for us!

Be sure to send these to your buddies and wish them luck when they need it most!
We also have Hockey Skates which come in many cool colors! This item is located at Jam Mart Furniture and cost 400 gems so be sure to grab a pair!
A funny thing with the eagles, when you put other extra wings on them they have 4! It looks really neat and a bit strange ^.^ What do you think? Over at the Daily Explorer we have an article about the Eagles landing in the lands of Jamaa!
Be sure to read it, it contains a few fun facts about these majestic creatures! Do you like the new Eagles? Do you like AJHQ turning most member stuff non-member? Be sure to comment! Happy Jamming!


  1. I don't like this, AJHQ... Õ_õ

    1. Me too... it seems sad that we can't do epic faces anymore such as >.< ^.^ /)^.^(\ and so on....

  2. I'm SO gonna get an eagle! It better be worth it because I sold one of my beloved animals..

  3. i wish i had nuff diamonds ;-;

    ~angry at aj and diamond and sad jzale314


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