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Friday, 28 February 2014

Cosmo Nesting dolls

Hello Jammers!
A new nesting doll has been spotted in Jamaa! It's the Cosmo Nesting Doll!
These are so ADORABLE! I really hope for more Alpha Nesting dolls, including Mira and Zios ^.^ Which would you like to see? Over at the DE we have an article about the Puffer fish from the AJHQ :3
These are quite adorable and poisonous creatures! Be sure to watch this video to find out how the PUFF up! What other items would you love to see in the stores of Jamaa? Would you like it to be a returning classic or an awesome new item? Did you know how Pufferfish puff up? Feel free to comment, Happy Jamming ^.^
PS: Once again, I'm so sorry for this short and late post. School got the best of me :c

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