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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

AJ Community and it's benefits

Hello Jammers!
Today I posted earlier, though, I didn't include all the Info about the Team and the Benefits! Sorry! With the Animal Jam Community (or AJC) we will try to reduce the amount of Hackers and Scammers, so they wouldn't ruin anyone's fun! Not only that, we will gather data and suggestions each week what AJ should get, what's missing and each month we will send AJHQ a letter and suggest them! And who knows? Maybe it will come? ^.^ Remember, the Beta Testing will end on the 28th of February and I will as well make a poll if that should happen! I really hope it will come true!
Be sure to comment what you think about this and Happy Jamming!
PS: I need help deciding what this Community should be called! Don't forget to comment your ideas!


  1. What about Club Mira? I actually had an idea for this a long time ago. Club Mira was basically supposed to be a group of Jammers who work together to collect and give players items that were scammed of them. It never took off. I chose Mira because she's peaceful and loves giving. How about it? We could make a separate blog together.

  2. That's a great idea! I'll certainly think about it! ^.^

  3. What about.. I got nothing. I'm HORRIBLE at thinking of names XD

  4. That's a fantastic idea, Ronen! :)
    By the way, i love your user Ancientclawz. ^.^
    By the way, can i request for those animal jam art thingies? You know, the ones on your profiles?
    I want you to draw my arctic wolf, if that's okay.
    Here's how my wolf looks like:
    Thanks! :D

  5. i like the idea of club mira! and could u re-buddy me? i think the username change messed it up...

  6. Awesome!
    Pink mentioned this blog to me, :3
    This community sounds cool!
    I would be SO happy to stop scammers and transform them to jammers.

    I hope I can join!

    Peace out!
    Keep calm,
    And shine on

    Your terrifying guard dog,
    Chihuahuas (ilovecutechihuahuas)

    1. Ooh ooh! Here's my funny signature:
      The person that will turn you, your friends, and your items pink,
      XD just kidding :3

  7. hey furr--aNCIENT

    aj keeps telling me that my creepypasta ideas are bullying so

    1. You Were Gone For Too Long (somthin with the messages)
    2. Deep Sleep (the hearts for adventures but in the outside world)
    3. something with pillow room because its so freaking abandoned??



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