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Monday, 20 January 2014

Rare Leg Armor

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a new Monday Rare! It's the Rare Leg Armor!
What an interesting color mix! These go very well together! ^.^ They aren't really pricey, so be sure to get one, they are located in Jam Mart Clothing 13th page and cost only 400 gems ^.^
Next, a fun little article about the Rare Leg Armor from the AJHQ in the Daily Explorer
What a fun little article ^.^
Also, I didn't spot any glitches on my travels, but I spotted a member being rude to a non-member 
This is just sad! Members and Non-members should respect each other! and what does being pretty or ''ice'' have to do with being a non-member? The nm was trying to be an ice type pokemon ''froslass'' (sorry for the pokemon talk) and the member just jumped on her and said this. Please (this goes to nms and ms) respect each other! We don't want anyone get hurt!
Happy Jamming!
PS: for those who want to see froslass:
she is quite beautiful ^.^

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