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Monday, 27 January 2014

Rare Flippers

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a cool and fun little rare item! The Rare Flippers!
How awesome! Now we have a neon dark blue or so colored flippers! I love this rare ^.^
These come in 1 special color! Be sure to get them until tomorrow, they are located at Bahari Bergains and cost only 650 gems! ( not that pricey for a rare ^.^ )
Next, we have 2 fun little posts from the HQ on the Daily Explorer!
First one from yesterday that they posted late, it's a bout the 3 different kinds of chat options for all Jammers
Next, the little reminder about today's rare, Be sure to get it ^.^
There is a new segment on the Daily Explorer! Now we have the Animal Jam Academy Click Here to see it!
There are loads of fun stuff to do, download, learn and see art! Be sure to visit it ^.^
And lastly, while on my travels in Jamaa, I have came in encounter with this AWESOME glitch!
 At some point, I was able to decorate Jamaa! How neat ^.^ I don't really know what caused it but it is epic! Has this glitch happened to you? How did you decorate the room? What next rare would you like to see in Jamaa? Be sure to comment, Happy Jamming!

1 comment:

  1. Animal Jam Explorer is not a segment, it's a separate site like And by the way, AJHQ posts at 7 am in Eatsern Time, so it really depends on your time zone and what time you post to call them late.


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