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Friday, 31 January 2014

Heart locket

Hey Jammers!
Today we have a returning heart-themed item, the Heart Locket! Be sure to buy one in Jam Mart Clothing ^.^
These lockets are usually really popular by this time of year, and with the Friendship festival going on now, we will get even more awesome heart-themed items, so keep an eye out and don't overtrade for items that will definetly come out ^.^ These lockets cost 150 gems and come in a lot of different colors. In other news, a new News Crew assignment! This assignment's theme is How To Be A Savvy Jammer?
Be sure to enter and good luck ^.^
Will you enter the News Crew assignment? If you will, what will you write about? What would you like to see next in Jamaa? Be sure to leave a comment, Happy Jamming! ^.^

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