Christmas Lights

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Giant Paw Footprint

Hello Jammers! 
Today we have a new awesome winter-themed item! It's the Giant Paw Footprint!
What an awesome item! I wish it was non-member though! You can get one in Jam Mart Clothing for only 350 gems! Be sure to get them while they are still in stock!
Also a new Jammer Snaps Assignment! ^.^
This Jammer Snap Assignment is about Jammer Parades! Be sure to enter, these are due January 26th!
Also while on my travels, I've spotted man glitches!
The buddy glitch is back! I had to refresh to fix this glitch
After reading a book at the Chamber of Knowledge this popped up on my chat!
From now on, Chamber of knowledge is my den! Still had to refresh to fix it
And now, the ULTRA glitch! The wolf is so small! And if you look closely you will see the word GEM near the bubble which is also the glitch!
What do you think will come out next? Do these glitches annoy you? Will you enter the Assignment?
Be sure to comment! Happy Jammers


  1. Lots of glitches. I saw the gem word thing, Have you noticed that Animal Jam is literally the only MMO game that can run perfectly even with glitches? it's amazing when you think about it.

    1. I think you're right! That is amazing that AJ can still run with all these glitches ^.^


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