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Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hello Jammers!
Today we have a fun little update from the AJHQ! Let's start off with the newspaper! 
What a neat name! ^.^ The first page is about the Denstravaganza that is going on in Jamaa for full 2 weeks! On this funny little celebration, all dens are 50% off! How great ^.^
Even Cosmo's den is 50% off!
Now you don't have to wait and save up a lot of gems for these awesome dens!
On the second page we have the all-in-adventure portal and an adventure button!
The portal holds all of the adventures in it, how neat ^.^ here's how the adventure log looks like
 This is great, now you won't get lost if anything happens! All of the adventures are in one place 
Also there are some changes in the location of the Adventure Base Camp! It looks quite Mythical ^.^
Also, there are 2 new buttons in the Adventure map!
The adventure and the epic den buttons! The adventure button will take you faster to your favorite adventures and the Epic Dens Button is the same as it was
Here's how the adventure log looks on the map
and here is the Epic Dens List!
Next we have a little reminder about the pet owls and quite Exciting news! There is a new animal coming! What will it be? Bald eagle? Seagull? Pelican? I can't wait! ^.^
On the last page we have the news about the Epic Dens button and the Friendship Party!
We have the deer alpha's statue in the Mystery Emporium located in the Room of Knowledge in Lost Temple of Zios it only costs 400 gems, so be sure to get one and put it in your Alpha Statue Collection! His name is Sigurd so it's said ^.^ The name ''Sigurd'' is from the Norse Mythology!
To get more info Click Here 
In the Sunken Treasures we have the returning starfish! It comes in many other forms and is waiting for you to buy them for 400 gems! 
Now some news for adventurers, the Arctic Wolf cave has been transferred to another place in the Return of the Phantoms adventure. You can now enter it after you unlocked the door it's behind it.
What would you like to see next in the stores of Jamaa? What do you think the new animal will be? Do you want it to be gem or diamond animal? Be sure to comment! Happy Jamming!



  2. The new animal IS an eagle. If you combine the letters of all the capitals on the feather page, it spells eagle.


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