Christmas Lights

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Big Pine Tree

Hello Jammers!
Today we have another winter-themed item in the stores of Jamaa! It's the big pine tree!
What an interesting item! I like how the top is all bended ^.^ These come in 3 forms and they are waiting for you to get them in Jam Mart Furniture for only 400 gems!
Next, a fun little article on the Daily Explorer from the AJHQ about pet owl drawings ^.^
So adorable! Jammers really have a way in art ^.^
Next, while I was on my travels in Jamaa, I spotted a few little glitches
I opened my animal customization thing and this appeared! it said I had 0 clothing items and had wolf colors, even though I made a tiger!
The forever load glitch is back with his friend the logging out glitch! They don't make a good combination
And lastly, tigers have strange glitches with the fire pattern. the flames from the paws just burn your tiger's face! What would you like to see next in Jamaa? Would you like it to be non-member? Have these glitches happened to you? Be sure to comment! 
Happy Jamming!

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